Ey up!

The birth story of Retrasafe ladder stabiliser

Retrasafe is designer and manufacturer of award-winning ladder stabilisers and ladder stabilising systems. We are based in West Yorkshire and our ladder stabiliser story starts here as well.
The inventor of this innovative ladder safety device has been working on ladders for over twelve years. One day, whilst trying to use one of the more common ladder stabilisers on a typical sloped street in Yorkshire on a rainy day he went to his van and brought the ladder brace to stabilise the ladder. After that journey in the miserable weather and finding out that he couldn’t stabilise the ladder properly as that anti slip device wasn't designed for uneven ground, he got frustrated. All that time was wasted, he was wet and miserable, and then he decided to make his own ladder stabilising device which would be anti-slip, extra safe, quick to install, easy to use and could stay with ladder to save time. The retractable ladder stabiliser was born. After many months of perfecting the ladder stabilisers he was ready to take it to the next step.
The Retrasafe team has worked tirelessly to find great local manufacturers to produce this ladder safety device. All the parts for these ladder stabilisers have been sourced within 20 miles radius of our office which will help us keep our carbon footprints low! We also want to support our local suppliers and contribute towards our local economy. Another reason we like to keep it as local as possible as this way we can build proper relationships with the lovely people making the parts and it allows us to keep the high quality of our ladder stabilising device.
We hope you agree with our ethos and choose to build a great relationship with Retrasafe for your ladder safety needs.