ladder stabilisers and safe ladder system by Retrasafe

Visit stand B372 and see how quick and easy this ladder stabiliser is.

Did you catch us in August when we hit the road with our ladder stabilisers to showcase and demonstrate the ladder stabiliser to potential customers who use extension ladders? If not the then you have another chance of catching us at the Grand Designs Live show in NEC Birmingham from 11th of October to 15th of October 2017.

Here is the link for both trade and DIY visitors.

There will be a display of our award winning ladder stabilisers and safe ladder system, also you can buy our ladder stabiliser with promotional prices especially reduced for the show. Don’t forget to take part in our ladder stabiliser set up competition.

If you would like a live demonstration of our retractable ladder stabilisers for your workforce then contact us through social media or email us and our amazing team members will be able to come to you along with our safe ladder system and the legendary retractable ladder stabiliser. After this event we are planning on arranging a ladder safety demonstration tour around the country. Come and say hello to us if you spot us in your town or city. The demonstration will prove how quick and easy it is to stabilise your ladder with Retrasafe ladder system. These stabilisers have been designed by a satellite installer who has been using extension ladders for over 10 years for trade use and also for his DIY use such as window cleaning, gutter cleaning, putting Christmas lights on and during decorating his house. 

These stabilisers have been tested on stainless steel surfaces for over 2 tonne weight and the didn’t slip. To find out more about our ladder safety device please click here.